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Frequently asked questions

Who are the users of the transport marketplace ?
  • Shippers: All shippers having goods to transport.
  • Suppliers: All supply chain service providers.

If your company is not identified yet:

  1. Fill in the information needed to identify your company.
  2. Fill in your personal data.

If your company is identified:

  1. Fill in your personal information.
  2. Your colleagues will validate your registration.
What are the services provided by TRANSPORTMARKETPLACE ?

Receive offers for your expeditions or your transportation services.

Confirm your orders and stay updated.

Manage your documentation flows (Bills, B/L and much more).

Track your shipments worldwide.

What can I do whith one transaction ?

Receipt quotations from a new suppliers.
Pay an invoice.
Send an order confirmation.
Sending a dematerialized invoice.
Opening a negotiation (up to 4 users).
Activate the tracking the shipments:

  • Location
  • Temperature / humidity
  • Door opening
  • Exposure to light
  • Vibration detection
  • Presence of a magnetic field
How to get free transactions ?

+10 free transactions for every new user.

+10 free transactions for every registration of your suppliers.

+10 free transactions for every invited colleague.

+10 free transactions for every new user you refer.

+10 free transactions for each 100 transactions pack ordered by the company you have qualified.

Are there any extra free services ?

Of course !

  • Get fast and secure transmission of quote requests.
  • Receipt confirmations from suitable suppliers.
  • Receipt dematerialized invoices.
  • Archiving 10 years of ALL documents exchanged
  • Send offers to clients’ requests
  • Pay securely all invoices issued
  • Archive 10 years worth of documents exchanged.

And much more !

What are your assets ?

A neural, independent and secure plateform. Adding to that an ambitious team with 15 years of exprience.

How many companies are currently listed in the marketplace ?

12098 located mainly in 20 EU countries at the end of February 2018, in which 59% of them are suppliers.

What are your goals in the short and medium term ?

To become the world first freight platform:

  • Lower the cost of transactions as soon as possible.
  • Constitute a big data open source to researchers and startups
  • Use AI to optimize transport capabilities.